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Leila started her adult life in the bosom of the London art world in the 90’s. Moving to London at barely 19, she followed her passion to work with contemporary artists with characteristic strong intention, immersed herself in the international art scene while she was getting her degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art. By 1998 she was working with several cutting edge galleries when she woke up one morning and realised, out of the blue, that she needed to radically change her life.

So began her life of meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. Since that pivotal moment she has studied Buddhism in India, lived in community Omega Institute where she studied with Pema Chodron, been the protege of visionary body therapist Yamuna Zake, undertaken deep training as an energy healer, and been a student and teacher of Tantric yoga and yoga asana. She has been a practicing healer and teacher for nearly 20 years, and she underpins her continual evolution with daily practice, regular, continual study of world spiritual traditions, monthly facilitation of creative rituals, and mentorship with luminous teachers such as Sianna Sherman and Tara Judelle.

Leila is a practical mystic. She is a truly creative soul and a gifted healer who has a keen sense of life as a transformational process of empowerment. Her years of experience with the body lend her a bio-mechanical savvy that keeps it real, efficacious, and relatable. She knows what it means to break down and to break through, so she is a skilled and supportive guide for people who want to use the practices of yoga and healing to create renewal at every level of life. Leila has worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. Her work is supporting people in awakening to the mystery of who they truly are so they can live a life of joy, freedom, and dedication to their own highest calling. She is the co-creator of The Practices Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, a course to ignite spiritual self care through daily practice, yoga asana, healing foods, and profound self love. She leads magical retreats, workshops, and annual yoga teacher training in London and around the world.

Yoga with Leila combines lightness of heart with vibrant intelligence in ways that keep opening doors for her students. Empowered by 17 years of her own yoga practice, 14 years of practicing therapeutic work in the body, and a lifelong freewheeling sense of fun, Leila has developed a straight-forward and uplifting style of teaching that supports people in opening to their highest potential, both on and off the mat.

She shares very openly about the peaks and troughs of her own journey in a way that brings yoga to life, and reminds her students to stay anchored in their truth, their worth, and their honest-to-goodness needs. Inspiration and insight about life is woven seamlessly into a movement practice that is challenging. Students of all levels are supported in a practice designed to strengthen and stabilise the weaker places, and to release those places that tend to get locked up. Having worked on more than a thousand bodies – she is always ready to offer nuanced cues and advice to help stabilise the hyper-mobile student, and help the stiffer student stretch out. Not everyone’s body is the same, and each person needs special support to get the most out of practice, in private lessons as well as the drop-in yoga class.

When there’s music, it’s fabulous (new disco, house, soul, uplifting electronic, new folk: an eclectic throw-down) – and you’ll also get mudra, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and intention setting practices thrown into the mix.

It’s easy to get pulled away from what’s really important in life. Leila’s classes are a continual reminder to hem close to the core of what you love, what moves you, what makes you feel alive, and what allows you to awaken more fully to your own power.


What does it mean to live a life of true self worth?

Leila uses the term ‘mentoring’ to describe one-on-­one sessions that are focused on supporting clients in discovering and living out their true deepest self worth.

It’s like getting a ‘partner in crime’ for experiencing your own vibrancy and power. Sessions range in content from designing and developing daily practice routines, taking your practices deeper, support for daily meditation, energy healing, hands­-on work, to clearing agitating life issues. Leila has a way of seeing the light and the possibility for empowerment in even the most annoying, painful, and stubborn situations.

And indeed, the smallest changes in perspective can make the biggest difference.

Some folks come for on­-going support in living optimally, and others come on an occasional basis for support in optimal alignment at a critical moment in life.

CONTACT Leila directly to request a session.

Leila has been practicing the work of Yamuna Zake for nearly 15 years.

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING (YBR) is a powerful therapeutic fitness technique. Using our own body weight on a small ball, we roll our bodies out, joint by joint, muscle chain by muscle chain, creating space in all of the joints. The result is a total decompression of the body. Students feel and look taller, with greater range of motion all over, and a deep feeling of freedom in the body. It feels wonderful, like a good massage, but offers lasting results that deepen with every experience on the ball.

Most of us know a few things to do that will be good for us – but so often it feels a chore. YBR presents a vision of self-care that is both entirely practical and deeply delicious. The routines on the ball allow us not only to create space everywhere – they also ‘wake up’ the muscles that have gotten atrophied and stuck to the bone, bringing tone to those under-performing tissues. We wake up the bones themselves, so we can move and live as the whole body that we are, with as much freedom and aliveness as possible.

It’s a fantastic self-therapeutic work, handy for a wide range of conditions: bunions, plantar faciaitis, herniated discs, achey necks/shoulders/low backs, bone density issues, post-partum recovery, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, fertility issues, ‘poor’ posture, frozen shoulder, mystery pain, chronic tension, and something that we call ‘getting older’. Leila teaches YBR workshops once monthly in central London, and annually, abroad.

YAMUNA BODY LOGIC is the hands-on work that gave rise to YBR.

Body Logic is transformative structural bodywork therapy. By stimulating the bone, and putting traction on the bone at the joint, it releases the body at a deep level. The whole body is worked in each session – creating length in each muscle, and space in all of the joints – in the feet, hips, knees, shoulders, between each vertebra, and even inside the cranium. Like YBR, the result is a total decompression. People walk away feeling and looking taller, with greater range of motion in the joints, and a deep feeling of freedom in the body.

Body Logic allows us to unravel the layers of our body. Our life experiences are coded into our physical tissues. This physical patterning plays out in our lives, sensed in the body as freedom as well as limitation. Each Body Logic session offers an opportunity to unwind the layers that hold congestion and tension, allowing us to re-engage in our lives unencumbered by limitations, free from negative and painful patterns.

The work is deep and effective; like a massage that gets into all those places you wish a massage would get to. And the results last well; especially if you ‘top it up’ with your own work on the ball at home.

May you be blessed as you spend time here in my virtual home.


+44(0)7729 408 945

  • F R E E D O M &  W E L L B E I N G  2 0 1 9
The highlight of my year every year for the past 6 years, it’s a call to the dreamers and the doers, the wounded and the worried, the hopeful and the hungry, a call to the soul weavers and the love dancers.  To anyone who wants to really get deep into self-care from a spiritual perspective, and lock in the daily meditation practice, learn the mantras, cook the foods, unfold the asana, and get a whole new lease on this body-world you call ‘me’ - so that what you call ‘me’ feels like home no matter where you are or what’s going on in your life.
And it’s community: supportive, loving, fun, and welcoming of the whole you. The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing 2019 is open for booking. Join me, @heatherumlah , @dustanddreams__19 - and a splendid gaggle of other truly inspiring beings on a deep dive into more than just the poses of yoga, more than just the avocado toast of healing foods, and more than just the products for deep self-care. 
Link in profile. Taster session is on Oct 12, dm me if you’d like to come... ⭐️
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  • J O U R N E Y
And the return. It’s been an epic four weeks, culminating with a weekend in extraordinary healing community with the illustrious @michaelmeade_mosaicvoices . I turned 44, got to take my Godbaby to kindergarten and watch her learn (tears in my eyes as I think about it @swantonia ), got Embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; and a wild dose of Laurel Canyon magic with Jupiter and @tennesseeestrok ... My gratitude is boundless, and my heart is in a super spanda of what I am returning with: visions and a total re-calibration - and what I am returning to: the big city and all the wildness of the urban jungle landscape I call my London home. I hope to bring a little of the pine forest into the yoga room with me this week. And my heart swells at the prospect of seeing you all. 
This week’s class I am sharing on piercing through the mundane, and what it takes to awaken the sacred. I’m thinking about the fullness of our layered fluid body... juicy. Join me. It’s: 
7.15 pm Tuesday @indabayoga (yup)
10.15 am @triyogauk Soho
1.45 am @triyogauk Soho
11 am @triyogauk Chelsea 
6.15 pm @triyogauk Shoreditch 
3 pm @triyogauk Chelsea 
Just as I wrote this another rumble of excitement... hug you soon, London kula! ✨⚡️✨
  • I S O L A T E
Busted. I cannot believe I haven’t realised this tendency that I have to isolate. It’s all about my feelings- not only the ‘bad’ ones but a world of what I would call neutral feelings are the genesis of a choice to not reach out, to hang back, or stay in.
I’m sensitive, and I’m dreamy. And I like to have that rainy day solitude even when it’s not raining. But is it serving me fully to regularly default to this choice? ⚪️
London’s a busy place, and it’s true that I have to be careful not to tip the scale of my precious energy - teaching classes is an energetic work out, as is any transit in this town.
But am I missing out some replenishing rewards from my energy expenditure by holing up in my Lei cave?
I also hole up and neglect to post about things that matter in this forum. ⚪️
I’m private, I say. I’m not a millennial, I tell myself.
The fact is, posting on here busts up my isolation vibe. It’s EXPOSURE. When I am drawn to slide outta sight....
Methinks I have some deeper contemplation ahead of me.
More on this theme, plus some interesting revelations regarding my Enneagram type, on my newsletter. Pm me if you want on that list. ⚪️
Photo by the immensely talented @theresagracefryer who I love love love.
  • B O D Y  R O L L I N G  F E E L S
It feels like summer loving. Come and get some. August 11th @triyogauk Camden. Here I am rolling to one of my favourite songs - Summer Lover by Mia Doi Todd. ✨✨✨
#yamunabodyrolling #yamuna #bodyrolling #therapeutic #selfmassage #musclerelease #muscles #melt #feelssogood #yoga #londonyoga #london shot by @mydlandj
  • T H E  U N S E E N  R E A L M S
☀️This week I am celebrating the unseen dimensions of life, on my own and in my classes. ☀️I’ve just finished reading the most inspiring book on Chinese/Western Medicine, fascia, and electricity. Having spent the past week with my awareness lit up on the micro-activities of my electric body, I’m feeling a big teach on refining awareness and diving down deep in there. ☀️But it’s not just the material unseen forces that I’m celebrating;
☀️It’s the ancestors and the guides, and all the beneficent energies that support my life. It’s the etheric dimensions as well. ☀️Life can get pretty narrow, and kind of sallow, if I neglect to invoke and enjoy the full compliment of support that really is here for me. ☀️Daily invocation, and daily gratitude offering to the teaching lineages, to the wisdom streams, and to all of the vital life intelligence that is scintillating everywhere -  in and around everything - this is the spiritual self-care that I want to bring forward. ☀️Because I am living into the question: ‘what is the most auspicious version of this life that I can light up?’
☀️Because I stand in the humility of my place in the great Mystery.
☀️The truth is that none of us can ever no the entirety of what’s going on behind the scenes of this great life. Instead of ignoring what I don’t fully understand, I choose to praise it, and ignite an ongoing, unfolding relationship. ☀️This kind of thing, through the lens of the organs and tissues, this week in class: 
Monday 2.45 pm @triyogauk Soho
Tuesday 7.15 pm @indabayoga Mbone
Wednesday 10.15am and 1.45 pm @triyogauk Soho
Thursday 11 am @triyogauk Chelsea and 6.15 pm @triyogauk Shoreditch 
#yoga #yogainspiration #meditation #awareness #spiritual #guides #mystery #magic #flow #gratitude 📷@lanitrock ☀️☀️☀️Happy Summer, London ☀️☀️☀️
  • W H A T ‘ S  I T  A L L  A B O U T ?
I started teaching free-form warm ups recently. It’s amazing to observe how people react to this. Of course, there’s a home crew of peeps who are satisfied, even delighted to shake it up and just slither and shimmy around the place. For them, this a real ‘thank you thank you’ experience of being given time to just move how they want to move.💥
For other students, it’s a big challenge - and I want to say, a bigger leap of yoga for these guys, in my opinion. 💥
I have always been interested in up-ending people’s expectations and igniting a re-consideration of what we are doing here in the yoga room, and why. To me it’s an endless de-construction/re-calibration game. The ‘tapasya’ (the friction of spiritual growth) that interests me is in the dis-assembling default tendencies and habits of being that get us anchored in the old limited self, in the self concept instead of the juicy wild real thing self. 💥
In general, I am intending to un-support attempts to control reality. After 20 years of practice, I really see how the inner control freak can really get stuck into a right and a wrong of practice. On the teaching end and the student end. 💥
It’s been wonderful to keep melting my own stuff down, and it’s freed me to educate in a very different way. 💥
I got some fascinating feedback yesterday from a ‘free movement resister’. She shared how what I was teaching opened up insight for her around the nature of flow in a significant way. She shared that she most likely wouldn’t become a regular student of mine, but wanted to express how she valued what I was putting forward. 💥
I wrote back my gratitude for the time she took to let me know. I also let her know that I’m not looking for regulars, not really. I’m looking, with each precious opportunity to teach, to set a stage for insight, healing, and awakening. 💥
What’s it all about? About knowing our freedom. About melting resistance to life. About finding out that flow and freedom are ever-present and when we really recognise that - we get a real hit of real life beyond concept, beyond limitation, beyond the smallness and into the wild bigness of Life and Self. 💥
  • A  N E W  K I N D  O F  F U N 🔸
Fun like getting with what’s really there. And getting out of what’s not there. 🔸 
The systematic unplugging of your sense of self from your projections, both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. 🔸 
The ground zero of self discovery. 🔸
High octane fuel for your awakening.
And a whole new standard for living true, and living free.
Recently started up the second daily meditation again. To put it mildly, I don’t regret it.
I watch my students setting up the daily meditation habit every year in our Immersion course; I see all the struggles. It’s times like these that I wish I could beam them into the ‘what it feels like’ of years of committed practice - on an ordinary evening like this one. This was a totally average sit. Nothing special.
But so dense with magic, with utter rightness, like it always is. I’m so grateful that I learned to do this. And that I went ahead and kept doing it.
Spiritual self care is about tending the most essential part of yourself. That’s my jam, right there.
✨Happy Sunday, Angels ✨
#meditation #habit #meditationiskey #sit #awakening #yoga #yogainspiration #londonyoga #selfcare #spiritualselfcare
  • ⚪️ S E L F  L O V E ⚪️ S E L F  W O R T H ⚪️ S E L F  A C C E P T A N C E ⚪️
This subject matter is right at the heart of my teaching practice. And the locus some of the most profound revelations of my years of sadhana.
I’m throwing it all down tomorrow at Indaba Yoga. My own practices and the results - and some of my favourite teachings from the Tantric path. .
Special giftie is a self love meditative practice. It’s pretty sweet. Link to that, and the workshop, in the profile. I hope you enjoy it.  Blessings High. ☀️💗☀️
#selflove #love #yoga #nurture #selflovepractice #thepractices #yogalife #meditation
  • L U X  M A G I C  A T  H O M E ✨
I’m so excited to welcome Benedicte Lux (@supernaturae) to my home on July 11, 7 pm, for a special event.
Bene is an artist and slow fashion enthusiast who’s work is situated in the realms of performance art, collaborative and sustainable manufacturing, and hands-on craft practices. She has led her magical natural dyeing workshops in New York and is now bringing an relaxing and uplifting event to London, in my home! ✨
Come, bring fabric/garments to dye, and enjoy a light supper out of my kitchen. Bene will be a guide back into what your hands can do, offering attunement with these plant allies and your own capacity to create.
Super tiny. Less than 10 peeps total.
I was just talking to @rikkebrodin yesterday about the importance of trying new things and making things with our hands to keep our teaching yoga fresh and lively. I’m so excited to do some making! ✨
Bene will preview items from her latest collection of exquisitely beautiful clothing as well. Mmmmm. ✨
DM me if you want to come. First come first serve. 🏹💗🏹
  • H O N O U R I N G ✨
I am amazed and do deeply honoured by these two incredible women: @mydlandj and @everythingisimagined ✨
I’m pooped today after yesterday’s epic film/photo shoot for the new #thepractices immersion/yoga teacher training website. I can’t imagine how these two feel, who were full tilt steaming ahead on other (amazing) projects today! ✨
This is such a high honour to be on the receiving end of their incredible creative efforts. And I’m so honoured to know that these two have felt so moved by the benefits they received in immersion and TT that they wanted to shape this next unfolding of this offering.
Thank you, Erica! Thank you, Julia! And thank you, #thepracticesoffreedomandwellbeing Kula for your beautiful participation in our day and this effort. I am deeply grateful, more grateful than words can say 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.
  • B L E S S E D  S O L S T I C E
to each of you on this great day. I’m so lit up from such an uplifting mega dose of ritual magic. Ah, ritual. We gathered - and with 50 of us, the energy was wildly high, such love and light, just streaming through the place. After a good movement practice, it was time to make magic. And the Temple Stewards @mariaraluca, @charlottiegallagher , @georgie_gilmore_fitness , @usukeology , @eat_100_percent , and @jproma78 built the most beautiful altars... and around the room we all went, blessing and grounding and clearing and intending and celebrating. Ohhh. I feel SO good,
Thank you, @secretyogaclub , for inviting me. @coreclapton is such a beautiful space!  Thank you, Temple Stewards, for giving selflessly and from the heart. And thank you to each of of you Solstice revellers - participants... what an incredible group! Ohh. So happy. So honoured to lead ritual in this way. Perfect Highest Light Day. Complete perfection. ☀️
  • L U C K Y .
I have been really struggling this year with my energy levels. I’m usually such a sturdy character, but this year, I have been super delicate. Lots of inner change, just deep stuff happening inside. My mood has been stable, but the amount of energy I can expend being in public, in my work and study - this has been much less than usual. I’ve needed lots of rest and sleep and home time.
I’ve started to get a little nervous as I head in to teach class. I get a little worried that I won’t be able to channel all the light that always seems to want to come through. I also worry that it’ll really exhaust me.
Even though I have less energy for my work, I am still deep in my creative process of teaching; even now I’m not just resting on my laurels. I simply can’t stop myself from trying to find new ways into teaching, and inviting my students into new approaches to their practices. 
Most recently, I’ve shifted the way I begin class; we are starting on our feet, swaying, and then moving into ‘free movement’ warm ups to anchor into embodiment and invoke a more authentic, immediate body-sense in the flow.
I mean: this is a lot to ask an experienced student, let alone a newbie! It’s fancy footwork as a teacher to invite people to it. And yet, my amazing students have been just jumping right in, limbs akimbo, and just cutting loose in movement. In London no less! Wow, London yogis!
It’s so inspiring to be with a room full of people who are willing to just go for it and have an experience that’s different from what they are used to. It’s such an honour to witness that wonderful curiosity, and the true lightness of bearing that allows people to not take it too seriously. 
And so, instead of being drained - I feel refreshed, delighted. I still need to come straight home and rest after most classes. But I’m leaving with a smile on my face. 
This is a big thank you to my amazing students. You keep re-igniting my faith in humanity. You keep showing me how much more love and fun there is to have together. Thank you for your playfulness, your spontaneity, your easy laughter - thank you for your beautiful you-ness. It’s like holding a rainbow in my hand. 🌈🌈🌈
A Gift of Insight and Inspiration