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*This is a 200 hour, Yoga Allianace accredited Yoga Teacher Training*

If you have been looking for a Yoga Teacher Training, and would like to get it done in less than 6 months… well, this is a high quality, training where information and experience is densely packed into an extraordinary under 6 month journey. You start with The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion in Central London in February. It’s four 4-day weekends over 4 months. This part gets you anchored in your own practice, gives you clear understanding of all the poses, shows you how to ignite deep yoga philosophy to up-shift your life, and shows you how to eat to support a vibrant, happy life. Check out the curriculum for the first 100 hours HERE.

Then, spend two weeks with the internationally sought-after teacher Tara Judelle and myself, on a two week teaching intensive. The curriculum is below. If you would like more information… feel free to contact me on leila -at- leilasadeghee.com.

I can’t tell you how beautiful and heartfelt this course is – it will change your life in the best possible way!

Awaken Your Spirit
Share Your Passion
Delight in Life

Join the radiant Tara Judelle and inspiring Leila Sadeghee and learn to cherish and deeply inhabit the seat of the teacher in this training that is packed with powerful tools for new and experienced teachers. Becoming a yoga teacher opens a powerful current of vitality and up-liftment in your life. In this training, not only will you establish a foundation of teaching intelligently sequenced, inspiring, healing, and safe classes for all kinds of students – you will also discover strengths you didn’t know you had, and a new level of authenticity and empowerment that will support you in sharing the very best you have to offer in the yoga room – and in your life.
We Will Cover in Great Detail:
The secret to developing and teaching creative, delightful classes

*What makes a great yoga class? What makes a great teacher? We will explore our own vision and experience with regard to these questions, to begin to understand what it is we are seeking to create with our own teaching
*Tara and Leila will share their own approach to theming classes and how to make them powerful
*We will do exercises that help us to find deep sources of inspiration for our teaching inside, so that we can bring a palpable sense of excitement and enthusiasm to each class
*We will discuss the work involved in crafting excellent classes, and learn how to do that work
*You will teach, and teach, and teach! -  and receive direct feedback from Tara and Leila, to help you refine every aspect of your teaching
The keys to discovering your authentic voice, and deep presence

*You will receive direct feedback about your natural presence, and be given the opportunity to more deeply discover and experience your own natural healing energy

*We will do teaching and presence exercises to expand our sensitivity to the moment, so we can sense what is needed
*How to anchor into the present moment
*We will discover the ‘group mind’, and learn how to listen more and do less
*We will learn what it means to get out of our own way, and how the natural flow of the moment is what allows own authentic voice to come out
*We will articulate daily practices and habits that allow you to be more present and available to the moment in every aspect of your life

A teaching methodology for delivering clear, precise, and empowering instructions to students

*We will learn the Anusara teaching methodology, so you can deliver clear biomechanical alignment instructions that allow you to teach safely and skillfully to all levels of students

*We will learn Tara Judelle’s Embodied Flow teaching methodology

*We will learn ‘Observational Teaching’: how to teach to what you see in the room

*We will break down the nitty gritty of how to teach physical movement principles and concepts to people with all different capacities of body and mind

*We will get very specific about tools we use to get information across in a potent and meaningful way

Mantras, mudras, and embodiment practices to get you rooted in your creative centre

*Specific mantras and practices of empowerment that naturally call forth our own power as a leader and space-holder
*The value of deepening our sensitivity to subtle dimensions
*Enjoyable ways to deepen your own yoga and meditation practice into more subtle dimensions
*Body-Mind Centering (BMC) exercises to refine our body awareness into very subtle aspects of our anatomy
*We will learn how to invoke space with mantra and mudra, to enhance our teaching practice

Therapeutics for working with common injuries

*We will highlight the common yoga room injuries and imbalances, and look at what we can do to support and help students to heal
*The basics of body reading and diagnostics
*Basic BMC and Anusara therapeutic techniques for common conditions
*We will provide recommendations for further training in working therapeutically
*We will learn the basics of touch as therapy, so that we can bring confidence to our therapeutic touch
*We will clarify our scope of practice so we know when to refer a student to another healing modality – and what modalities are good for different conditions

How to create and skilfully weave inspiring and uplifting themes into your classes

*We will look at the what theming does and how it works on the body and mind
*You will receive a template for weaving asana, image, personal stories, biomechanics, and poetry into beautiful and creative class themes
*You will learn all the methods to deploy to create a meaningful, resonant theme that everyone can connect with
*You will dig into your own life experience and make contact with your own wisdom body, the source of all the wisdom you share in class
*Deepening attunement to the ‘group mind’ – so you can listen and say what your students need to hear, without even trying

The skillful use of language for the yoga room

*You will understand the difference between passive and active language
*We will learn how to use command language in most of our instruction – and learn how that impacts the nervous system of our students
*Discover how each word has value – and learning which words bring greater energy and which ones dissipate energy in the yoga room
*Clear verbals tics and ‘habits’ from our verbal instruction

Intelligent sequencing

*You will receive a sequencing template that you can use for each class
*We will consider the bio-mechanics of the human body, and base our sequencing choices on that knowledge – that is what intelligent sequencing means
*Tara and Leila will share their own preferences and hold discussion around the pros and cons of sequencing choices
*We will come to understand the way that we sometimes need to throw out our sequence and teach to the people who have shown up, and what they need

Use of music for the yoga room

*What kind of music do we like to hear in a yoga class, and why? What is the arc of a class, and how to we use music to mirror that arc?
*When to choose music – and when to avoid it: making choices about music in our classes

Teaching yoga for beginners

*You will receive handouts from a beginner’s course to get you started
*You will build your own 6 or 8 week beginner’s course that you can teach right after you qualify

Manual and Verbal Adjustments

*You will learn the difference between manual and verbal adjustments, and how to deploy them both skilfully
*You will receive basic manual adjustments to use in the yoga room, including savasana adjustment
*We will train your eyes to see potentially injurious misalignment, so you know when you have to jump in, and when to just let it be
Appropriate modifications and teaching different levels of students

*We will consider the best modifications for the different classes of poses, so you can support anyone who shows up in the yoga room
*We will look at how to hold different levels of students in an open level class

Embodied experiential anatomy

*We will hold BMC lecture/experiencial anatomy sessions to go deeper into the anatomy
*We will re-iterate the ‘what you need to know’ of functional anatomy for yoga poses and basic movement
*Palpation lab (if time allows)

What it means to hold safe space for your students, and how to do it from an ethically sound perspective

*We will learn what shows up in the yoga room – not just physically – but emotionally, and psychically – and how to recognise it in what people do physically
*We will learn a basic, useful model for understanding the psychological dimension of our teaching practice
*We will touch on the basics of the physiology of trauma and how it shows up in the yoga room
*What are real, useful ethical practices that we can do to really support ourselves and others
*We will discuss social media, how we present ourselves in public, and what it means and says about our teaching practice, so we can be clear about what messages we are sending our students
*We will cover the energetic dimensions of creating safe space and learn how to invoke space, and use subtle energy practices to ‘safe-guard’ our teaching spaces
*You will receive ‘Core Cultivations’, that give you habits and practices to maintain your own energy levels, prevent burnout, and make sure you and your students remain safe psychically and physically
*You will learn the basics of how to clear and stabilise your own subtle energy field
*You will receive a list of practitioners in London and abroad to start a healing referral network for your teaching practice

Leading community around yoga and your teaching

*What does it mean to lead community? How is this a part of our teaching practice?
*What role can yoga teachers play in the healing of our planet and humanity?
*You will consider your own role in planetary healing, and what you want to offer in service to humanity

The business of teaching yoga

*We will look at the basics of creating financial viability with your teaching practice
*We will look at different models of yoga business and discuss advantages and disadvantages
*We will discuss the ins and outs of teaching at yoga studios, gyms, and our own independent classes
*We will look at mantras and practices to enhance this side of our lives
*We will discuss the basics of insuring yourself, accreditation, etc

Crafting a life of power and purpose in the context of your teaching practice

*We will, throughout, consider the whole process as a personal empowerment, and a deepening of our will to rise as leaders
*We will hold safe space for each person’s process of dissolving blockages to their own power-flow

Distilling your values and beliefs into clarity of mission for your offerings

*We re-visit the concept of dharma, and do exercises to clarify and distill our own sense of our personal life mission
*We support a culture of curiosity and discovery that allows us to dissolve our blocks and see more clearly what we are here on Earth to do
*You will return home with a deeper, revitalised sense of your life’s purpose, and ways to make that purpose the subtext of everything that you do, so that it nourishes and sustains you at every level of life


I am delighted to announce dates for a 100 plus hour training in how to deeply integrate practices of yoga and liberation into your life at every level. It’s in its third year, and I am delighted to join the talented, inspiring teacher Bridget Luff for another round of transformation. Whether you are new to practice, or have been practicing for a while and want to go deeper – this course is for anyone who wants to access the blessing-potential of their life. It’s the first 100 hours of a yoga teacher training – and a stand-alone course for peeps who want to up-shift.

Yvonne, one of our students from 2014, put it rather eloquently:

‘To describe this course as illuminating would be an understatement.
Such a delicious feast of information and tools about how to thoughtfully expand my practice and my own being in a very real way, on a day-to-day level.
I left this immersion brimming with a profoundly moving and love-filled experience which still resonates with me, several months on. I have never felt such immense support as I had from my fellow students and the inspiring faculty. Extraordinary.’

There you have it.

Feb 12 – 15
March 12 – 15
April 9 – 12
April 30 – May 3

This is also the first half of a 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training!

The second 100 hours are:

The Art of Teaching with Tara Judelle and Leila Sadeghee

a two week intensive in Kumcula, Turkey (right on the sea)

June 28- July 12, 2015

This two week intensive will give you all the tools you need to start your teaching practice when you return. Plus, you will receive on-going mentoring from me, Bridget Luff, and the 2014 graduates here in London.

Registration is open now. Email me at leila@leilasadeghee.com to register or for more information.



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