I am writing to you by the shores of the Con Dao Islands, a tropical archipelago off the coast of Vietnam. I have come here both to reflect on all the amazing things that have come to pass in the past year, and to charge myself with energy for the exciting year to come. I have truly come to the right place.

This is a place where rush hour constitutes two motorbikes and a bicycle rolling by in the course of a minute or two. Indeed, much in contrast with many other places on Earth, the energy here is utterly in alignment with the feminine principle. In the Indian tradition, the feminine is represented as dynamism – Shakti, which means power, or energy. This island is lashed by a fierce and radiant surf, that thunders ceaselessly away a few meters from where I sleep. Trees (and hair) are whipped around by a wild torrent of winds, blowing day and night. Two annual monsoons ensure the plant life is lush and spares no opportunity to spread and offer more leaves to the sun.

At the same time, the more passive, gentle, nurturing energies of the Western conception of the
feminine are present; those winds usher a soft haze over the beaches, and swirl a cloudy mist around the mountain tops that loom above. The locals here neither doze in the sun nor leap at the chance to make a tourist buck; rather they go about the activities of the day – from repairing roads to tending chickens- with purpose and an easeful, serene demeanor.

I am held in the balance of these two aspects of the feminine principle, and it is entirely healing. I am reminded to embrace that balance as I return, in less than a week’s time, to the breathlessly pacey London life I left on pause to come here. And I am also reminded that she – the divine feminine – is really the one who takes care of everything. She is the Supreme Resource. And we are, by our nature, steeped in her, made of her, nothing other than her. She is the vibrating aliveness that beats our hearts, fills us with breath, and unfolds as every thought, every experience, every revelation.

I am delighted to hold the space of deepest remembrance of the Resource Supreme this year. The yoga and healing that I teach and practice is all about letting that Supreme energy pervade every particle of our awareness. That same energy that keeps it so sweet and uplifting here on this island can do the same thing to our lives if we let her.The work is only in tapping that highest Resource, and then remembering, again and again, to rest back in it, and allow her to do her work. In upcoming classes and workshops, I will be offering many skills and techniques for unlocking our awareness of the Supreme Resource that dwells within, so that we may root ourselves in a core of ease and radiance throughout the year to come.