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The Great Unwinding: A Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop for the whole body


Aches, tweaks and tightness; deskbound lifestyles, child-rearing, packed schedules, emotional transition, old injuries – many of us are holding a tremendous amount of tension in our body and our yoga doesn’t quite unwind it. Sometimes it’s our favourite fitness activities – yoga, running or cycling – that make our bodies tighter or keep our old injuries active.

This workshop gives you a way to unwind the tension of daily life, and offers practical tools for retaining ease of movement so you can continue to do what you love free from negative physical repercussions!

We will undertake a deep unwinding of tension, stress and chronic holding patterns for the whole body. We will look at the tightening effects of common exercise practices such as running, cycling, gym work and learn routines to de-compress these places that get stiff and stuck.

We will cover:
– creating length and space between each vertebra, releasing all the little kinks and pain – from the low back, to the mid-back, to the neck, and even in the cranium.
– key muscles in the human stress response, like the hip flexors, and release them, creating ease in our gait and our state of mind
– releasing the muscles around the ribcage that can hold and restrict breathing so we can draw smooth, full breath
– the sources of low back pain, and bring a powerful remedy to typical patterns that cause pain
– unwinding patterns associated with common fitness practices

Sunday, 15 March. 10:00 – 13:00 pm
Golden Lane Estate Community Centre near the Barbican

+44(0)7729 408 945

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