When I was running through names for the retreat that I am holding with Tara Judelle in June, my mind/heart kept circling around the theme of wisdom.

This is a word I associate with Tara and her beautiful teachings; I’ve seen more than one student pierced through by the clarity and truth of her words, moved to tears. I have continually found her ability to truth-speak astounding; it’s very much an inspiration for my own teaching.

And I can’t tell you what Tara’s truth holding and truth-telling has opened up for me personally. It has certainly done a lot to heal many of the deleterious patterns that were operating under the radar in the community we called Anusara Yoga. Tara walks the truth of her own wisdom equally with everyone else. Her way of holding me equal in wisdom, as an honouring of our shared humanity, has encouraged me to stand for my own truth and the truth of my students in a delightfully open-handed way. This is a balm after years of well-intended but flawed hierarchy that was present in the world of Anusara.

As her friend, I have watched her deepen these insights into embodied states of being…what an honour. I get to watch this amazing person grow and change, and become more deeply seated in ease. I don’t think much is more inspiring. This is one of the highest blessings of yogic community – the opportunity to witness one another live deeper and deeper into our individual wisdom body. To watch each other narrow the gap between what we know is true, and what we choose to do with that knowledge.

And that, as you guys well know, is one of those crucial gaps in life – between what we deeply know is true, and how we put that knowledge into every movement, every breath, every choice.

Tara is a master of holding a space where the unconscious becomes conscious. As we learn to move from more and more intrinsic and core aspects of self – cells, organs, glands – we open up that embodied wisdom field. The sort of ease and wonder that arises in this space; the kind of depth integration that can take place – it brings forth a deep attunement to what is really true and present. It dissolves resistance to that truth. She calls this intelligence pattern in the yoga room ‘Group Mind’; the collective wisdom body.

When we go into sweet and delicious work like this with others, we get to love more, and better. There is nothing like love between people on the path of spirit. Our connection to one another and our own growth is accelerated vastly….

and that’s why I had to add the word ‘love’ to the mix.

Love in healthy yoga community is charged with a deep honouring and respect. This brings forth an up-levelling of our expectations and sense of what love is altogether. We get to directly embody – and receive – the kind of love that holds a limitless wholeness. We get to fathom love’s capacity, in a whole new way. In a way that elegantly aligns with life’s deeper patterns. Do you find your yoga classmate connections have a special resonance? That there is a unique quality to the relating you do with fellow yogis?

The Spectrum of Love and Wisdom – this is the pattern of intelligence and relationship that emerges under the auspices of true yoga practice. This is the seeing your own self in one another. This is the gift your unalienable truth gives to someone else – to everyone else. This is your wisdom vibrating, in it’s ever-fuller diapason of Self-recognition. It is all this, and is more and more that I don’t yet know….

I want to keep finding out what the Spectrum of Love and Wisdom is; this is why I have set aside a whole week to engage, explore, unfold, and delight in the company of beautiful souls who also want to keep finding out like me.