Wow, the back to school vibe had people a little on the low side, huh? And that tube strike didn’t make the return-from-holiday work schlepp any easier. Thank goodness the rain and clouds have abated!

That being said, last week I glanced out of my kitchen window and saw a rainbow streaming out from behind the BT Tower. I was mesmerised; I sat and watched the spectrum flicker in and out of sight from amidst the clouds. It would momentarily disappear, then shimmer back into sight. I loved watching the play of it…. a game of peek-a-boo with the light.
In order to even see the rainbow, we have to be standing in just the right position. This fall, I invite you to come and practice, and join me in aligning ourselves so that we can see the light, see the play, and allow our experiences – cloud cover or no – to give us sight of the ecstatically alive beauty that is inside each of our lives.