Welcome, Spring, and welcome sunshine! I keep having this sense that we Londoners are in a state of shock at how relieved we feel under the light of the sun. And we are all so hesitant; we want to revel in it, but not to get too attached to it in case it conceals itself behind clouds again!

Either way, we have our yoga, and when the sun hides away, we can practice ‘sunny on the inside’ – a technique I created for myself when I moved back to a particularly cold London from the famously sunny Southern California a couple of summers ago. I close my eyes, and feel my heartbeat, and the vibratory aliveness of my body. It’s not so different from the feeling of sunlight on my skin – but from the inside out. As I sit with this, I often feel a rising tide of delight, or a sense of warmth within. Sometimes I visualize the most brilliant sunlight behind my closed eyelids, as though I am being sweetly blinded by the sun. As I did this, I found myself less and less drawn into the ‘weather drama’ of London’s moods! And I got the distinct impression that acquaintances wondered how I could be so cheery in the face of rainy weather. If this sun holds, file this practice for later. But the next time you find your heart sinking as you wake up to the sound of rain patter, give it a try. Time we spend on the mat can strengthen the effectiveness of this technique. And it feels good even if there is sun outside!

The next few weeks are full of goodies. On April 3rd I will be leading the workshop ‘Get Grounded and Stay Centered: Yoga for Challenge and Change’ at The Life Centre in Notting Hill. There’s a Shakti Shop on the 8th of April, a YBR workshop on the 23rd, and more Marylebone Yoga for a new term in April. The wonderful Ross Rayburn is coming to London! And, at the request of some students, I have booked a little retreat for the first weekend in June. See below for details.

Please write to me and let me know if you have any new goals arising this spring, or if you would like to share what is coming up for you in your yoga practice. It is always nice to hear how you are doing, so I can serve you better with my teaching.

With Love and Warmest Blessings for The Spring,
Leila xxx