I felt it for the first time yesterday; an edge of anxiety, a certain density in the atmosphere, the look on the faces of people on the streets – from Ladbroke Grove to Chelsea, from St James’ to Fitzrovia – the felt sense is summer’s over.

The days areĀ discernably shorter – even though summer doesn’t end until the 22nd – and the pace is starting to pick up. The city is collectively preparing to make the jump to light speed for the autumn-to-Christmas race. ‘Here it comes,’ we all seem to be feeling.

In this last bit of lull before all of the action commences, I am taking time to re-focus and recalibrate my intentions. I giving myself some space to filter through my desires – what do I really want to create in the next phase? As usual, in all my contemplations, the need to be fully creatively self-expressed keeps coming up. And the desire to sharpen my organisational structures. Last fall was a brilliant creative explosion for me and some members of the kula – we started classes in Marylebone, and initiated ‘Project Upshift’, which was a way for many of us to make changes and transform our lives towards greater happiness and abundance. What does the kula need this autumn? What do I have to share that can help uplift us and open new doors?
I feel it is so important now, more than ever, to focus on the essential. What are my highest aspirations and goals, and how can all of my words and my actions and choices support them? John Friend mandates his teachers to think ‘Highest First’ – what is the expression/action that is aligned with the highest, the divine? The trick is, think ‘Highest First’, and move from there.
And what are you focusing on? How are you opening to new possibilities? Or are you renewing commitments to fulfill goals and intentions from before the blast of summer leisure? What is ‘The Highest’ for you?

I would love to hear what is going on with you. Please feel free to write me and let me know what you are working with.

To support your process, this month you can join me for:
Flowing Back to Grace – a workshop about ease and fluidity at TLC Islington;
September Shakti Shop;
and Beginner’s Course starting in Marylebone!

I look forward to hearing from you.