What’s true? What’s true is that I don’t have much to say. I am listening deeply, and I have learned so much in this short space of months I can hardly believe it. I have cavorted in the Aegean with my beloved teacher/friend Tara Judelle. I have made pilgrimage to two sacred sites – both of which have healed and charged me with new found intention. I have taken time off from my normally busy schedule to lay around and shoot the breeze – an utterly revelatory choice for a child of the workaholic American 1980’s. I have been earthed, bathed, baptised by fire, and incited by the wind. Hands were lain on me in a call to bring forward my deepest healing. I have been blessed by a collective of such luminous healing mother/sister/daughters, that I thought I might explode with joy. Spirit is alive and on the rise in my sphere, now more than ever.

Casing Spells for Daily Joy – this has been the intentional theme of my year.

And indeed, I have discovered the myriad ways that I cast spells for all sorts of states: disappointment, anger, excitement, contentment, bliss, bewilderment, ease, sadness, focus… and all the rest of the flavours of being that wash through on any given day. I have learned how powerful I am in my choices, for sure!

Making choices to be honest with myself about what is truly going to bring me joy – as opposed to what I ‘should be doing’ (Ah! The Stern Taskmaster!) or what I usually do (Oh! Inertia!) has been paramount. As usual, my inner guidance has tugged and pulled me into directions I never would have considered. Tears are now welling up in my eyes as I recognise that I have chosen to honour this wisdom. I offer gratitude to my own sweet Self, to my guides, to that impulse to align my free will with this bigger picture vision that often arises as a simple subtle whisper to do this… then that – in a field of utter not-knowing. I truly don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

And, as usual, just when my mind shadows and becomes dull with agitation and distortion, when I feel afraid in the midst of not-knowing, when I feel that potent NEED to know, to pin down and fix this life of mine into something I can make solid and safe, the sacred charge of the moment, of reality (so to call it), comes forward and cracks through the superficial mind-stuff and swirls me into a love affair with ONLY magic. Only magic only magic. And I DO know, I know, I know. And what I know is this ever-deepening mystery, this continual secret surprise life that is SO ordinary, and ineffable… formless, radiant…

I really do have to give my praise every day. All of the registers of experience are teeming with paradoxes that demand an offering. In the tension between the polarities of experience… there is magic. Only magic.

I want to give you my book recommendations, I want to hear yours, and I want to hear what you have been doing. I want to inspire you and I want to be inspired by you. I want to walk this city with you, and hear your songs of praise. I want to know how you figured out something recently that changed everything. I want to see the world through your eyes…. I want you to see the world through mine….

Here’s my inquiry:

How do you recognize magic? Is your experience of life enchanted? How? Does anything get in the way of that?

If you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.