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London Evening Standard

Work your amazeballs

The latest New York trend to hit London is Yamuna: a body-rolling technique for desk bound professionals to ease aches and pains, says Jasmine Gardner

A new habit has formed in my house during television time. I am no longer to be found inert on the sofa. For a week now, every time the TV gets switched on, I take to the floor — trailing my body along a yoga mat on top of a small inflatable ball. When the ball gets to a tight muscle I sink onto it, breathing into what can only realistically be called pain. In a good way, of course. Read more…




Leila is, without a doubt, one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. Her insight, love and wisdom takes your practice to another level. She has some kind of super power to hit you right in heart with her message, becasue she lives it. It is so much more than asana. Alhtough her understanding of asana is exceptional! It is love. I am privileged to be in her class, every time. And she plays awesome tunes.

Simone, 39




Financial Times | FT Weekend

Puritan Pleasure – On the ball

By Jini Reddy

Yamuna Body Rolling sounds more like an obscure culinary technique than a self-massage and workout. When offered the chance to try it, the “self” bit puts me off – I’d rather let someone else do the pummelling. Still, nothing ventured etc, so off I go to the London studio of practitioner Leila Sadeghee. Read more…




I just wanted to say thanks. Your classes make all the difference to my schedule. It’s amazing how much better I feel after every single one of them and I think this is a combination of the fun sequences that you put together and the energy you bring into the class.


THANK YOU!! You are an amazing teacher.

Marta, lecturer at University of London, 32




If you are reading this, you are considering making a great decision! Leila is wonderful in every way, and I am extremely blessed that she came into my life in 5 years ago.  During that time Leila has helped me to prepare for and deal with multiple rounds of IVF, miscarriage, medical procedures and all of the attendant physical and emotional issues.  There were times when it was difficult for me to focus on anything but my own intense grief and pain and I felt totally hopeless and lost.  However, Leila held space for me in the most loving and kind way, she cried with me and for me,  and she become my guide on the most painful journey of my life, leading me to a place of safety, understanding, acceptance, hope and love.  Even though the IVF was ultimately unsuccessful, Leila taught me how to accept it and grow through the experience. And she held my hand through it all, crying with me, laughing with me (Leila has a wicked sense of humour) and at all times holding space for me when I was unable to do so for myself.  She changed my life, and has helped me to find the courage to say yes to the desires that live in my heart. I don’t believe that I can ever thank her enough for all that she has done for me. That spur of the moment decision that I made when I decided to work with Leila turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life!  

Naz, Corporate Legal, 43


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