You know. That is what I have been teaching this week. Because, recently, I have seen people in my private practice and students who have been feeling like they don’t know… what to do, how to feel better, how to make a change, how to communicate with someone… etc. In fact, the anxious state of ‘I don’t know what to do!’ has been a common occurrence in my treatment room – and in my own life!

One of my therapists used to say – when I turned up in his treatment room, week after week, saying frantically, ‘I don’t know what to do!’ – ‘Well, when you don’t know, you don’t know.’ It’s funny how all of our habits seem to be organised around a need to know what to do and how to be right now! – and a need to take action in situations that are either painful or uncomfortable. And yet, how often is the action we take when we are in that state one that leads only to discomfiture?

When my therapist kindly, repeatedly delivered his statement of fact, he was urging me to yield to the way things are, just as they are. To soften in the face of discomfort, to settle with whatever feelings of uncertainty I was experiencing, and allow. This is such an important way that I choose to practice Anusara’s first principle, Open to Grace. Radically opening to the way things are – especially when they seem really messed up – opens me up to something I spent so many years without – a sense of inner knowing. Kind of a paradox! Through my practices of meditation, yoga asana, working with clients, and just paying calm and close attention to my own process, it has become more and more clear that there is, underneath even the fiercest anxiety and discomfort, an inner knowing that sits in the heart. That knowing is a quiescent rhythm of perfect intelligence. It’s not the same thing as knowing with the thinking mind, but I have found that – when I listen to it closely – I can cognitively discern what action to take, if at all. (Often the wisdom has been in the waiting.)

I do know – because I watched this depth understanding open in my client’s and friend’s hearts, and because I have seen it open in my own life – and because I know – that this knowledge belongs to everyone. And that very special things can happen when we choose to align with that sweet intrinsic intelligence.

In these next few weeks and months, I invite you to join me in discovering and aligning with the deeper rhythm, the sweet knowledge of the heart; we have so many great opportunities to practice and support our revelations!

See below for details… and keep in touch, send me an email, let me know how you are, it helps me serve you better.