Hello Dear One,

It’s a delight to be writing to you from the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala in Tamil Nadu, South India. I am here with my friend and teaching partner Heather Umlah for the Soul Nourishment retreat. We are holding a small group of dedicated soul-seekers in a process of soul renewal and teaching them the tools of igniting everyday magic.

Heather and I first met at The Omega Institute where we both worked as staff in our early twenties. In those days, it wasn’t cool to be a seeker of truth (so different from how it is now! Amazing!) In Heather I found a soul sister who was as committed to being stylish and attending the proper parties as she was sitting at her altar everyday. We were a rare breed. In the years that followed, Heather opened a catering company that brought elegance to healing foods – they were making high-vibration canapes for New York Fashion Week events way before this was a thing. From there she became a big-time personal chef, specialising in nuanced and delicious healing foods for high-flyers and celebs. I was training as a body worker and and an energy healer and deepening my sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

Over the past 20 years, we have watched each other go through all of it – and not just the regular life events of partnerships and break-ups, triumphs and tragedies. We have borne witness to one another’s deep soul emergence. We have seen the stretch and expansion of spiritual growth in each other’s lives. We have learned from one another skill in the cultivation of sensitivity and in the creation of a nuanced and luminous inner life. Ours has been a true spiritual friendship – with all the fun, all the burn, and all the empowerment of mutual self-recognition in walking the path together.

It’s been an amazing thing to teach with her on my Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion over the past seven years. It’s more than just ‘how to cook healthy’ or ‘how to meditate daily’ for us. For us it’s about sharing the roots of a cultivated life – how to grow strong in the ways of your innermost being. It’s about creating community for other people to develop spiritual friendship like ours.

It’s fun, but it’s not superficial. It’s clear and articulate, but not dogmatic. It’s a big call to the big picture of life, but all about the everyday choices. It’s deeply personal, yet universal. And it’s a board-breaking karate chop to the one-dimensionality of commercial wellness culture and products.

Heather and I have started offering shorter events, as not everyone has the right timing and money for the 16-day Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion.

The Practices of Sacred Self Care at triyoga Soho is our first London short course. In it, we set the stage for in-sourcing your self-care and orienting your care-taking around your highest values. We’re all about the real deal of daily practices to tack you back into your truest, deepest self. We’re all about experimenting, but with more than 20 years of practice each under our belts – we’ve learned about what works and at what stage. We are super hands-on with our students so expect to get very personalised attention.

It’s April 5 – 7 – which is Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday during the day – a full weekend. In this weekend infusion, expect a self-care retreat to restore you, ground you, centre you, and rest you – in addition to the learning ways to either begin or deeply refine your self-care with yoga, meditation, and soulful culinary practices. Check it out and book HERE.

If what the participants of this retreat and our Immersion is anything to go by – this is some pretty bangin’ stuff. I hope you can join us.

Meanwhile, I am, as always, deep in my own journey. This past six months of my life has been charged with highly pertinent awakening with regard to hierarchies, patriarchy, and white supremacy. I know many of us are having these kinds of awakenings at this time. Uncomfortable, and definitely necessary. It’s a relief, and also a burn.

I will be sharing more about this, and how my offerings are undergoing change as I change. More Yogis of Colour gatherings are to come – and my upcoming retreats and events are being formulated as an experiment in non-hierarchical models.

Please reach out and let me know how you are doing – I am always delighted to hear from you.


Leila x