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Friday 5th – Tuesday 9th October in Calabria, Italy

The Blessed Lord said: “Possessed by great curiosity, you ask me this. Listen, O   beloved. I will tell you all about the fire within the Eye, which is unsurpassed nectar: yoked to yoga, listen, beloved. || – The Tantra of the Eye, 21-22ab  (trans. Hareesh Wallis)

Hareesh and I are more than delighted to share this luscious Italy sojourn with you. This retreat combines a few of my great life passions – beach lounging, meditating, being in spiritual community with truly inspiring people, yoga, sunbathing, chanting mantra, ritual, and scriptural study/contemplation/discussion from the Non-dual Tantric tradition. Moreover, the text we will be enjoying will be new to most of us and concerns the Fire and Nectar dimensions of our practices – the burning away of our false self-concept and limited identification – and the nectarean wonder of what remains in the wake of that intensity of burning. We hope that you find a deep refreshment of your physical energy, as well as your spiritual aims and intentions, and a juicy re-igniting of your desire for your own freedom. I wish you love, and gratitude for joining us. xx Leila

Single: £795 
Double: £660 
Triple: £595 
All rooms are en suite.


Having been a retreat participant many times myself, I have done everything to make the cost as all-inclusive as possible. We have tried to avoid any hidden extras that make it more costly than you have planned. So, here’s what’s included in the price:

  • Accommodation Friday the 5th through Tuesday the 9th at Shala Mandala, a beachside yoga and meditation centre at the foot of the Sila National Park, a few miles away from the Marina Island of Capo Rizzuto Marine reserve.
  • Three Italian meals per full day (with dinner Friday and breakfast Tuesday), with tap water, coffee, and tea.
  • Guided daily practices with Hareesh and Leila including meditation, yoga, breath-work, ritual, and satsang. 
  • Airport transfer to and from Lamezia Terme International Airport

Please note what is not included:

  • Flights
  • Drinks other than those listed above
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds for the beach (there is a small charge for rental)

You are also responsible for obtaining any relevant visas to enter Italy and covering the cost of them.

We begin our program Friday in the evening, and check in will be 4 pm and after. For people who arrive in the morning, we are trying to arrange a day trip with lunch to a local sight of beauty/interest. This would also be an extra charge but is completely optional.

Please note that we have a limited number of triples, doubles, and singles – so it’s first come first serve for the availability.



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