I am writing to you out of my deep desire to offer you love and support on this life journey. If I can offer you something that helps you open the door to greater freedom, or lifts you up in a moment of doubt, or invites you to think a little bigger about yourself and your life, then I am fulfilling my deep heart’s intention. This is the heart and soul of all of my offerings.

This morning, I was happily playing with an old friend’s ‘surprise baby’ son. He was contentedly gurgling away in her lap as we caught up. What a joy to see my friend so delighted in her motherhood! To her I seem, as she put it, ‘Like what success looks like. You look really fulfilled,’ she said as she gently rocked her baby and smiled at his gorgeous little face.

I do get a lot of people telling me how happy and high I appear. And the truth is – while I have all the moody flavours of any human heart – I do feel pretty freakin’ good. And I am delighted to be as successful as I count myself to be (I have met my own definition of success: loving my Self, wholeheartedly; doing what I love sustainably, deeply enjoying it, and making my offerings in service of all. Phew! That took a while to set in motion!).

So I want to break down some of the ‘secrets of my success’, so to speak – because I do think there are keys to this kind of life. It has taken me a long time to make this kind of contentment a default state. Looking back, I can see how many of the habits I inculcated early on in my adult life have served me well. And the ones I neglected and have had to play ‘catch-up’ on!

As far as I am concerned, the number one absolute-MUST Key Discernment for success and happiness depends upon your answer to the question:


If you are identified with a narrative structure of who you are: where you come from, what they call you, what you call yourself, your history – all of that –

Instead of identified with the soundless, luminous, ever-present awareness of all of that – what I am calling ‘Divine Soul’ –

then my sense is that you’ll keep feeling the uncomfortable squeeze of your own well-meaning but inaccurate impressions of what you are and what’s going on around you.

The greatest gift of my yoga practice is the continual dawning, like a rising gift, of this sense that I am much bigger and brighter than anything I have ever thought myself to be. To be continually shifting my awareness into my awareness keeps me open to life as it flows, so I’m not so hung up on outcomes, on what I think people think, on creating a particular picture-vision of my life, or getting anything in particular to happen to allow me to feel at ease.

When I do get ‘hung up’, I get un-hung with surprising grace. Divine Soul is content with being hung up and not being hung up equally. Actually, Divine Soul isn’t arguing with anything in life. Divine Soul is looking out of my eyes and enjoying whatever scene is before it.

It’s like having a constant reality-check going off in my awareness that tells me, without words, what a miracle this whole thing is. A reality-check that reminds me to check-in with the true, non-verbal, un-fixed and fluid moment.

It’s a reality check that keeps me curious and softly amazed by who-I-really-am.

I read about this kind of thing for many years and, to be honest, I had no idea what the heck these people (writers and teachers) were talking about. My sense of who I was seemed fixed and monolithic. I felt small and insignificant in ways that sent me veering from a desire to make myself important in the world to feeling useless and like I wanted to disappear. My ideas about life seemed perfectly reasonable, yet upon closer inspection, I could sense how spurious they were – and that filled me with a sense of dread and loathing. It all seemed like a locked-down system that I didn’t have the code to open.

Little did I know, everything I was doing, in shaky faith and with a whole lot of doubt, was a little unraveling of that code.

Because I am pretty sure that intention is at the heart of the matter. And my intention, powered by a kooky combination of curiosity, desperation, and instinct, was clearly to find out who I really am.

And now my strong intention is to continue with that for myself – and to set the stage for others to open these same liberating doors. This is why my deeper offerings – my immersions and trainings, and my retreats – are so important. They give us a chance to really make the vital transformations that allow us to see from the space of truth and ease.

Late last year I started having visions about my only 2016 retreat. I started feeling into the kind of fun we will have – and the kind of healing we will create together. This vision – of high healing and delicious fun – has not wavered. It has deepened. As has my own insight into the nature of Divine Soul.

And so, here is my formal and loving invitation:

Please join me for a soulful journey in Italy this June. We’ll gather on sacred land which has been used for practices of spirit for centuries.

We’ll be fed and supported by a lustrous team of beautiful people with stunning food and in elegant surroundings. We’ll enjoy yoga asana, Yamuna Body Rolling, and other practices that open the heart and mind.

And we’ll spend our time dropping into the space where everything glows – especially you.

(And we’ll have a beach day – as everyone knows, beach is my fave).

My vision is that we all re-calibrate so beautifully that we arrive as one person, with a name, a story, and attendant problems –

and that we leave as Divine Soul.

Because I want you to have as much fun as I’m having…