Hello Dear One,

I hope that this message finds you well at this holiday time.

As many of you know, every year I choose a theme for my year which becomes a kind of golden thread through my year, weaving through my dreams, my thoughts, my experiences, and through my deep wishes for myself and the world as well.

I have dedicated my life to my highest evolution in this lifetime. Each year, I have a whole 365 days to learn and unfold. While I consider myself a committed fun-lover and not one to take things too seriously, I am icy serious when it comes to the bigger picture of how I spend my time. I know very well that I have no idea how long I have on this planet as Leila Sadeghee – and I hold a strong intention to make this lifetime highly potent and medicinal for myself and all beings.

Under the auspices of my 2018 theme – Enjoying the Greatness of Self and Life – I have had some amazing adventures in perception that have turned more than one outdated personal paradigm inside out. (See my instagram post on this matter). This autumn, I have found myself wondering about the nature of love, and the eternality of love.

I have heard more than one wise being say it: Love never dies. And yet, that hasn’t spoken to me truly until now. I feel I have learned to welcome the ceaseless change of life as an expression of divinity – I see how change is the utter evidence of my freedom, rather than that which curtails it.

And yet, I find myself asking the question: what is eternal? What bonds between people are eternal? What inside me lives forever? What kind of love transcends the bitterness of contracted grief or fear? Why is love always bigger? What grows it?

And, as I feel and taste the love that stands eternal – how does this become a part of my daily life? What could it mean to awaken a love so great that it is impossible to see anything without seeing it?

As always, with my theme, I hold a lot of open questions.

I’m not in a hurry. I am setting a template for things to come. I am crafting a vessel that will sail through the surf of life in a particular way, a way that will disclose more life’s great mystery to my heart.

On New Year’s Day I am holding a workshop to embed this theme into my own life, and into my teaching. I am also holding space for all of you to come and craft your own themes,set your own intentions, and craft a vessel for your own year of wave-surfing with me. 10.30 am, NYD, triyoga Soho. I do hope you can make it.

In other news, I am running out of spaces for my Immersion and my Yoga Teacher Training this year, a group of fun and wonderful people has assembled. If you are considering, sign up for a call with me to discuss – or come on January 18th, in the morning, as we are holding a free taster session at my home. Book here, there’s a free taster session button in the middle of the page.

On January 26th, it’s a day of movement, rest, meditation, and a clear look at how to REALLY take care of ourselves in my annual Freedom and Wellbeing Day Retreat. Here.

Last but not least – I am kind-of off the wall excited for the Soul Nourishment retreat with Chef Heather Umlah in March 2019! This is not your average retreat by any means…

Blessings High. Please reach out and let me know your intention and themes for 2019 – I’d love to hear it.

x x With Love Eternal,

Leila x x