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Leila started her adult life in the bosom of the London art world in the 90’s. Moving to London at barely 19, she followed her passion to work with contemporary artists with characteristic strong intention, immersed herself in the international art scene while she was getting her degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art. By 1998 she was working with several cutting edge galleries when she woke up one morning and realised, out of the blue, that she needed to radically change her life.

So began her life of meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. Since that pivotal moment she has studied Buddhism in India, lived in community Omega Institute where she studied with Pema Chodron, been the protege of visionary body therapist Yamuna Zake, undertaken deep training as an energy healer, and been a student and teacher of Tantric yoga and yoga asana. She has been a practicing healer and teacher for nearly 20 years, and she underpins her continual evolution with daily practice, regular, continual study of world spiritual traditions, monthly facilitation of creative rituals, and mentorship with luminous teachers such as Sianna Sherman and Tara Judelle.

Leila is a practical mystic. She is a truly creative soul and a gifted healer who has a keen sense of life as a transformational process of empowerment. Her years of experience with the body lend her a bio-mechanical savvy that keeps it real, efficacious, and relatable. She knows what it means to break down and to break through, so she is a skilled and supportive guide for people who want to use the practices of yoga and healing to create renewal at every level of life. Leila has worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. Her work is supporting people in awakening to the mystery of who they truly are so they can live a life of joy, freedom, and dedication to their own highest calling. She is the co-creator of The Practices Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, a course to ignite spiritual self care through daily practice, yoga asana, healing foods, and profound self love. She leads magical retreats, workshops, and annual yoga teacher training in London and around the world.

Yoga with Leila combines lightness of heart with vibrant intelligence in ways that keep opening doors for her students. Empowered by 17 years of her own yoga practice, 14 years of practicing therapeutic work in the body, and a lifelong freewheeling sense of fun, Leila has developed a straight-forward and uplifting style of teaching that supports people in opening to their highest potential, both on and off the mat.

She shares very openly about the peaks and troughs of her own journey in a way that brings yoga to life, and reminds her students to stay anchored in their truth, their worth, and their honest-to-goodness needs. Inspiration and insight about life is woven seamlessly into a movement practice that is challenging. Students of all levels are supported in a practice designed to strengthen and stabilise the weaker places, and to release those places that tend to get locked up. Having worked on more than a thousand bodies – she is always ready to offer nuanced cues and advice to help stabilise the hyper-mobile student, and help the stiffer student stretch out. Not everyone’s body is the same, and each person needs special support to get the most out of practice, in private lessons as well as the drop-in yoga class.

When there’s music, it’s fabulous (new disco, house, soul, uplifting electronic, new folk: an eclectic throw-down) – and you’ll also get mudra, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and intention setting practices thrown into the mix.

It’s easy to get pulled away from what’s really important in life. Leila’s classes are a continual reminder to hem close to the core of what you love, what moves you, what makes you feel alive, and what allows you to awaken more fully to your own power.


What does it mean to live a life of true self worth?

Leila uses the term ‘mentoring’ to describe one-on-­one sessions that are focused on supporting clients in discovering and living out their true deepest self worth.

It’s like getting a ‘partner in crime’ for experiencing your own vibrancy and power. Sessions range in content from designing and developing daily practice routines, taking your practices deeper, support for daily meditation, energy healing, hands­-on work, to clearing agitating life issues. Leila has a way of seeing the light and the possibility for empowerment in even the most annoying, painful, and stubborn situations.

And indeed, the smallest changes in perspective can make the biggest difference.

Some folks come for on­-going support in living optimally, and others come on an occasional basis for support in optimal alignment at a critical moment in life.

CONTACT Leila directly to request a session.

Leila has been practicing the work of Yamuna Zake for nearly 15 years.

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING (YBR) is a powerful therapeutic fitness technique. Using our own body weight on a small ball, we roll our bodies out, joint by joint, muscle chain by muscle chain, creating space in all of the joints. The result is a total decompression of the body. Students feel and look taller, with greater range of motion all over, and a deep feeling of freedom in the body. It feels wonderful, like a good massage, but offers lasting results that deepen with every experience on the ball.

Most of us know a few things to do that will be good for us – but so often it feels a chore. YBR presents a vision of self-care that is both entirely practical and deeply delicious. The routines on the ball allow us not only to create space everywhere – they also ‘wake up’ the muscles that have gotten atrophied and stuck to the bone, bringing tone to those under-performing tissues. We wake up the bones themselves, so we can move and live as the whole body that we are, with as much freedom and aliveness as possible.

It’s a fantastic self-therapeutic work, handy for a wide range of conditions: bunions, plantar faciaitis, herniated discs, achey necks/shoulders/low backs, bone density issues, post-partum recovery, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, fertility issues, ‘poor’ posture, frozen shoulder, mystery pain, chronic tension, and something that we call ‘getting older’. Leila teaches YBR workshops once monthly in central London, and annually, abroad.

YAMUNA BODY LOGIC is the hands-on work that gave rise to YBR.

Body Logic is transformative structural bodywork therapy. By stimulating the bone, and putting traction on the bone at the joint, it releases the body at a deep level. The whole body is worked in each session – creating length in each muscle, and space in all of the joints – in the feet, hips, knees, shoulders, between each vertebra, and even inside the cranium. Like YBR, the result is a total decompression. People walk away feeling and looking taller, with greater range of motion in the joints, and a deep feeling of freedom in the body.

Body Logic allows us to unravel the layers of our body. Our life experiences are coded into our physical tissues. This physical patterning plays out in our lives, sensed in the body as freedom as well as limitation. Each Body Logic session offers an opportunity to unwind the layers that hold congestion and tension, allowing us to re-engage in our lives unencumbered by limitations, free from negative and painful patterns.

The work is deep and effective; like a massage that gets into all those places you wish a massage would get to. And the results last well; especially if you ‘top it up’ with your own work on the ball at home.

May you be blessed as you spend time here in my virtual home.


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