My life is full of extraordinary good fortune.

I have suffered from abuse, depression, and an complete lack of self worth. I have been despondent and craven in the face of the challenges of my life.

And I have had the incredible good fortune to meet a series of radiantly talented teachers who have given me powerful practices to effect change from the cellular level on up.

I have this good fortune, not just because I met these amazing people, but because I was – somehow, despite being impressively lug-headed in many respects – smart enough to utilise these practices in such a way that I have truly turned the poison of my inner life into good medicine.

I started my adult life in the throes of late-adolescent bravado: I moved, at barely 19, to London, with the fire-branded intention of working in the London art world. Within, literally, days of my arrival on UK soil, I was rubbing elbows with the Young British Artist set at the inception of their radical ascension.

I was a creative, ambitious, and determined young woman, and I was in way over my head.

Now I look back and see that the lessons I learned from the artists, the discipline meditating on art work over time, and the intellectual rigour to which I was exposed at that time comprised a rather unique and compelling education. At the time, though, life was a mire of agitation, and I was just keeping my head above the tidewater of low self-esteem. I was utterly encrusted and entombed in a profound misunderstanding about who I was and what my life was for.

It was something like a break-down that brought me to spiritual practice and yoga. People describe their awakening experiences in such fantastic terms, but my awakening was an opening to the true desperation and pain that I could no longer ignore or put aside. I needed to WAKE UP, I thought. But what did that mean?

Meditation led to asana yoga which led back to meditation, and pretty soon I was on a quest of spiritual discovery that I now call normal life.

I managed to melt my resistance to my true calling between 1998 and 2001 and became the protege of the visionary body therapist Yamuna Zake. At the time it was mostly out of a lack of better ideas, but I dedicated myself to yogic practices on a daily basis. I put myself in the company of skilled healers and creative fellow travellers bent on crafting lives of high spirit, integrity, and the visioning of a better world.

I have studied deep structural bodywork, therapeutic fitness, energy healing, EFT, and I have been mentored in holding transformational space by some very special practitioners. After a whole lot of ignoring the impulse, I backwards-walked (finally!) into training as a yoga teacher at City Yoga in Los Angeles in 2008.

Now I meet with members of the public on a pretty near daily basis, and I share what I have learned in my studies, and my reflections and insights – …. with them – with you. I hold the kind of space where you can experience more of your own power.

I healed my depression with mantra as my medicine.

I have come from ignoring my body to delighting in being the body that I am.

I have moved from impoverishment to abundance.

I have learned how to nourish my whole self.

It is my highest honour to share this work with you.