It is my pleasure to send early November greetings to you all. November is the month of Thanksgiving in my home country, and, as such, it holds a special resonance for me. Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest, of abundance, and of community. It is an opportunity to speak your heartfelt gratitude – something my family goes ’round the table and offers each year. It is my favourite of the year’s holidays, not only because of it’s meaning, but because it is is the only time of year my entire family gathers and spends a few tranquil, hilarious days in one another’s company. Tears are welling up as I write this! I am so grateful to have such a vibrant and loving extended family.

I want to send a shout out to my Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill, who have just moved from the family ‘homestead’ on the Chesapeake in Maryland to Vermont to be closer to their daughter. They – we – blessed that patch of Earth with 46 years of love, laughter, tears, and joy. We had more ‘perfect moments’ gazing out at Rhode River than any of us can count; we scattered my Grandaddy’s ashes into that water. I am sending blessings and prayers to AP and UB – and my entire family – at this time of transition.

I am also moving and in a time of great transition. Many of you have attended classes on this theme! As a result of sharing, I have received many emails, hugs, and a general outpouring of support. Thank you so much! It has made such a difference in my life. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a bright bright group of students, friends, and colleagues at this time.

This month, I invite you to reflect on what you are grateful for, and bless all the ways you have been nourished this year. I invite you to bless the communities in which you take part – your work gang, your ‘yoga family’, your friends, etc. Thinking about gratitude and blessing community – even (especially!) when it is a challenging time – can give you SUCH a lovely feeling inside.