Two years ago I was walking the streets of the Marais in Paris on the one year anniversary of the attacks that killed 130 people. The atmosphere was tense and troubled, charged with trauma. I was quietly sending love and blessings to everyone I passed as I walked down the street.

Suddenly I had a vision of a space where people could come to have healing and be restored. A place where people could pray and re-affirm spirit together. It would be a Temple of Nourishment – a place to be deeply fed in a multitude of ways. I imagined a host of stewards and helpers assisting each person to find the support needed to re-charge and restore themselves to a feeling of wholeness.

This year, on December First, we hold the first Temple of Nourishment. This is a community healing event, which means that a whole community will gather to host you. More than 20 healers, teachers, artists, and magic makers will be in the space in support of your healing. You will be guided through a process to shed your weariness and re-affirm your creativity and joy. There will be poetry, sound healing, offerings, yoga/movement, a nourishing healthy meal, and other delights.

I have kept the price low – only 35 pounds, for an event that is 5 hours long. I want participants to receive more than they give on this one day of healing. All the facilitators are donating their time for this event as well.

I am joined by poet/artist Tommy Crawford, chef Heather Umlah, yoga teacher Ava Riby-Williams, and sound healer Selda Goodwin in the curation of this event – as well as a community of other amazing beings who will lead and guide on the day.

I don’t want to say more – just know that this is a very special opportunity and an offering of deepest love from our hearts. And I would put it in the ‘unmissable’ category.

Limited places are available and booking is essential.