Hey Beauty,

Some burning questions: How are self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance related? How is each of these terms distinct? What can increase the value of self-love in your life? What part of you already knows your true worth?

Tbh, I almost cancelled this workshop date for this Saturday – I wanted to rest more than I ever have before this summer. I didn’t want another thing to promote (this is the most challenging aspect of my job), and I wanted to leave my head-space clear for new imaginings.

Yet, when I consulted my oracle on what to do – really in a cursory way, as I was sure I should not be teaching on this day – and surprise! I got a clear reading to teach.

As soon as the subject came to me, I discovered why. This is highly salient information and such a deeply needed offering. ALMOST EVERYONE HAS SELF WORTH ISSUES. According to Tantra, this is the fundamental obstacle, so to speak, to overcome through practice. My own practice of self-love has amplified radically this year. New revelations in my study of non-dual Shaiva Tantra has deepened my understanding of the role of self-acceptance in a yogic sadhana. And self-worth has been at the heart of my teaching ministry from day one.

No surprise that in my year of re-evaluation and questioning everything that I get the call to teach right out of the core of my svadharma – meaning my deepest life’s mission.

At Indaba this Saturday, I will bring forward a deeply nurturing and reflective space – there will be asana, as well as space for your own reflection, and discussion on these themes. I will also present a series of practices in support of your awakening to self love, self worth, and self acceptance.

Further, I have some new material up on Movement for Modern Life – a self love practice and a wonderful self love discussion with two amazing fellow teachers and Leadership and Empowerment YTT graduates. If you can’t make the workshop – I recommend. This is some powerful and illuminative stuff. Discount on signing up for MFML on my website.

I also have made a self-love meditative practice as a gift for you- it’s HERE on you tube. Enjoy, it’s a very nice one I think.

Blessings of the Highest love and worth to you. x