I am writing to you from high in the foothills of the Alps, where I have come on a pilgrimage in support of two friends who are going through intense health crisis.

I am delighted to be offering such a gesture at the height of the sun this year. Its such a potent time for prayers, intentions, and offerings of love.

Here in Switzerland the sun is piercing and high still, despite the late hour as I write this. This town is suffused with an energy of love and prayer – pilgrims are here from all over the world.

Coming to places charged with an energy of sacredness is one of my favourite ways to spend time. It’s also something I do in support of the rituals I facilitate back home in London, and on retreat. Each of these sacred sites I visit has its own particular frequency, and as I come to a new place, I often receive what I can only call ‘vibrational gifts’. I feel especially lucky to be leaving here to come straight home to lead ritual for the solstice this Thursday night up at Core Clapton.

It’s going to be a very special way to celebrate the Highest Light of the year – Summer Solstice – with uplifting movement and an array of practices and ways for intensifying presence in service of your intentions this year.

I hope you can join me

And I offer you highest Solstice Blessings this year. x