When my old yoga school feel apart in 2012, I co-created a yoga Immersion course that included what I considered to be the most important aspects of diving deeper into to yoga practice. It had to be more than just poses and technique – it had to include those daily life practices – how you eat, how you think about what goes on in your life, how to meditate daily, how to un-pick places where you are truly, deeply stuck… and it had to involve the creation of a community that was focused on spiritual growth and awakening.

Now, six years later, I am as excited and delighted as ever to offer this course. It has been refined over the years, to be sure, but the essence is the same: inviting people to be truly well, and to live their true freedom.

It’s definitely not just one of the other. In my years of yoga, meditation, and eating well, I have known fellow travelers on the path who are very very ‘well’ – who eat right, who do all of the ‘right things’ – but who are not very free. Wellbeing is a project that can easily bend itself to the shallows of mere self-control, or even a kind of spiritual hedonism where we love our yoga ‘highs’ but lack the traction on real, lasting transformation.

AND I have known people who are very free and unbounded in their inner life but who are not so grounded – not so connected to their body, for example, so the ‘real life’ aspect of their life – all the living in the world stuff, the ‘taking care of business’ of life – is not so developed.

What’s awesome about Tantric yoga is the way that both awakening to Freedom and becoming ever more deeply Well are both considered central goals. Tantric Yoga is all about the synthesized dance of energy and awareness. If it’s all energy, then there can be no freedom, no spacious light. If it’s all awareness, then there is no wellness, no life, no power, no actualisation. So, in Tantra, we have both. Spirituality is not in any way inferior to ‘real life’ and nor is our daily, complicated, messy, wild life inferior to spirit. As a practitioner, I have seen again and again how my life grows through the pulsation through both of these aspects; how an opening in my ‘world’ life opens doors inside my perception, and how the opening of my awareness makes me more available to the world – makes me more loving, more centred, and more clear. A Tantric approach to living your yoga is at the core of this Immersion course.

I simply cannot describe all of the ways in which this course has been revolutionary for so many of it’s participants. And I can’t share just how lusciously affirming it is to share in spiritual community, for all of us, the faculty and students alike. It’s a high like nothing else, and I think it’s something that many people are hungry for. Spiritual friendship is a precious gift, one that I am honoured to set the stage for in my teaching practice.

We do it every year. We’re doing it this year, a limited number of places, a high rise for life and spirit.

Let me know if you are called. The journey begins soon!