Hope this message finds you well and rested from a sweet break. And if not, I hope you can make it to class or have a moment to yourself or an early night – I hope you can get whatever you need to replenish yourself.

As for me, this break was a much-needed repose. I have schmooped around my flat like a professional schmooper. I was loafing for Team USA. I have done VERY LITTLE and left the house almost not at all. And all I can say is – Holy Toledo, I needed that!

2017 has opened the eye of my heart, indeed; utterly following my intention set at the dawn of this year. I have never felt more awake to life. In the midst of every challenge, there was no numbing, escaping, or any such thing. I have witnessed an unprecedented number of people embracing awakening all around me.

And in them, just like in me, I see that tender uncertainty – the fear that it’s not okay to feel so much or often, so bad – that something is wrong. One of the great paradoxes of awakening, as I understand it, is that it opens us to a radical bliss – and yet also splurges us through the meat grinder so to process our conditioning – all of the icky, undiscovered and tucked away stuff, all the ancestral stuff, genetic stuff, and the KARMIC (yup) stuff. All the stuff. And some of it will melt silently into the fire of the heart. And some of it – the part that we have somehow mistaken for Self – that might hurt. As my teacher Paul Muller-Ortega said to me in one particularly sticky patch of my own processing…. it’s psychic surgery. Sometimes you get the anesthetic – and sometimes not.

I feel like awakening’s gritty face has been quite present in 2017 – and not just on the personal level, but also on the global level, and in manifold ways. Streams of reality have been dense with distortions and apparent trouble. There’s been a weight to it. And I know very well from my years of practicing the arts of awakening that it’s at this point – in the depths of the process – that it’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to forget the intentions with which we have ignited our practices, on the mat and on the meditation cushion. Even as we enjoy the steadiness that our practices call forth, it’s easy to be beguiled by any pain we may be feeling. It’s easy to let heaviness call us to the very smallest corner of our self-concept.

And, so, for 2018 I have set the intention and theme:

Enjoying the Greatness of Self and Life

because it’s OH-SO easy for the felt experience of ‘not great’ that is normal in the process of awakening to colour our experience. To drive us deeper into our crap instead of setting us free from it. It’s easy to forget that there is a bigger perspective, a higher order, and a dimension of self that yearns to taste and know it. And, just as there is the yearning, there is the all-encompassing multi-dimensional trans-dimensional SELF that KNOWS it is GREATNESS EMBODIED, not in any way separate from LIFE.

Put in more simple terms, there is a bigger YOU than any of the small yous. And I am dedicated my 2018 to LIVING that bigger me out into every aspect of my life. If 2017 was a big wake-up call (and wasn’t it just?), then 2018 is about living into the space that awakening continually opens.

In case you have forgotten, please allow me to remind you:

Life is GREAT. And that GREATNESS is your birthright.

In 2018, I’m here to find out what it means to enjoy it. Are you with me?

If you want to hear about this, and more, live and in person, on New Year’s Day, I’ll be teaching luscious asana and crafting ritual on these themes, and on themes of remembrance, holding space for your intention setting at The Life Centre Notting Hill and triyoga Soho. Blessings of LOVE on 2018.

May you dwell in the greatness of your Self and your Life. x x