Happy New Year, Dear One. I hope this message finds you well and happy as we greet this new year – this collective shift into a new gear, the heading back to the light, right in the soulful dark of winter.

As you read this, I am on retreat into meditation and quiet to mark the turn of the year. Though I love teaching on New Year’s Day so much, I felt this year I needed a deep dive into stillness, and an opportunity to work on my conditioning without any distractions. 2016 has been such a call to action, has drawn me so close to the necessity of my own contribution, that I know I need to start clear and straight in 2017. There is no time to luxuriate over my choices, as I mentioned in my last newsletter. Instead, I am called to take action, and I have lots of offerings coming up in 2017 to support my life’s mission to support people in discovering and living their true self worth, and enjoying a life with Spirit at the centre.

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