Right on time, as I’ve been deepening my meditation, and stepping into the inky blackness of my own source, up surged the darkly encrusted funk of the shadowy unconscious realm. A deep pattern of conditioning emerged – pre-verbal, deep trauma of this lifetime- a pattern that has completely flavoured and curtailed vibrancy in every single aspect of my life. I was ready to heal it, and thrilled to have my friend and colleague Daisy Nokes as a guide in this work – and so here’s what I did.

I know this time of year can be tricky – super triggering of old shadows. A break from our usual rhythm of life can be welcome, but if it’s loaded with toxic substances (or toxic people – or toxic amounts of non-toxic substances), it doesn’t feel like such a rest…. I honour and am sending my love to those of you for whom this is a challenging time. I really get it. I am sending you my love.

And to the rest of you, I hope that you have enjoyed yourself and not strayed to far from your best resources. 😉

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