It’s been a fantastic time to meditate. (Yes, of course it always is!) That slowing of everything, of our metabolism, if we let it happen – it also slows our perception of reality. If we can stay present, and side step the sleepiness, that slowing lets us really awaken to the texture and delicious precious fields of insight that lie within.

Right on time, as I’ve been deepening my meditation, and stepping into the inky blackness of my own source, up surged the darkly encrusted funk of the shadowy unconscious realm. A deep pattern of conditioning emerged – pre-verbal, deep trauma of this lifetime- a pattern that has completely flavoured and curtailed vibrancy in every single aspect of my life. I was ready to heal it, and thrilled to have my friend and colleague Daisy Nokes as a guide in this work – and so here’s what I did.

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