What’s true? What’s true is that I don’t have much to say. I am listening deeply, and I have learned so much in this short space of months I can hardly believe it. I have cavorted in the Aegean with my beloved teacher/friend Tara Judelle. I have made pilgrimage to two sacred sites – both of which have healed and charged me with new found intention. I have taken time off from my normally busy schedule to lay around and shoot the breeze – an utterly revelatory choice for a child of the workaholic American 1980’s. I have been earthed, bathed, baptised by fire, and incited by the wind. Hands were lain on me in a call to bring forward my deepest healing. I have been blessed by a collective of such luminous healing mother/sister/daughters, that I thought I might explode with joy. Spirit is alive and on the rise in my sphere, now more than ever.

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