It’s been a while since I have written, and for that I apologize. I have so very busy; everything I have offered has sold out before I even had a chance to tell you all about it – so each time I sat to write this I had nothing to ‘sell’! And, rather more significantly, I spent a lot of the last month in a state of confusion, which is a tough space from which to offer inspiring words. I did my fair share of fighting with that sense of confusion. Yeah, I struggled and resisted, and tried to find a narrative to account for my mixed up feelings. ‘It’s THIS!’ I would think, relieved to finally have a handle on it: ‘Oh, I can do something about that, I can blah blah blah’… Until my great solutions didn’t make sense anymore – and then back it came, that de-stabilizing miasma of self-doubt and uncertainty. ‘Wait! It’s THAT!’ …At last I had the answer! ‘But wait, that can’t be right…’ Only to return to confusion… and again the cycle wore on.

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