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My Dear Ones,

So there I was, feeling contracted. Someone I love was saying something that I didn’t like, that I didn’t want to hear. I didn’t feel appreciated; I felt as though what was true for me was not okay. Some time went by – it was the next day. I thought maybe some time would ease things. And again, I was stonewalled, doubted, felt I was seen in the worst light. You know that feeling inside when it’s like you just start to clam up from the inside out? The world seems to get smaller! And suddenly, in the midst of it, I could hear the pain in this person’s voice. I sensed the weightiness of his contraction, his feelings. And something inside me let go. I stopped resisting the movement of energy between us that felt so sticky. I let go of my own inner challenge, started to feel into more of what was happening, and everything expanded. Whatever the outcome, I was ready to follow the flow of what was actually going on – to be an anusarin. Into that space, love began to flow. That energy formed into words of understanding, and a pattern of willingness. My identification with the ‘problem’ had dissolved, and I was free again, beyond the realm of the conceptual, beyond the ideas about what was going on, and right into the flow of reality as it was unfolding. When the thoughts started to arise again, they were rich with revelation.

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