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Between the Veils in 2020: 

a new year’s day ritual of love and blessings

Between the Veils in 2020: a new year’s day ritual of love and blessings

All of us will face limitations; places where our vision has narrowed, where our animal body has tightened against the strains of life; where we have become numb.

May this year, 2020, be a year for melting all of that.

May we embrace the softness of our innermost heart; may we delight in our embodiment, may we learn to see the magic before our very eyes.

Join Leila Sadeghee to ignite powerful intentions for 2020. Together we explore the liminal spaces, betwixt and between – the space of infinite creativity, the wellspring of power, that softens the heart, that awakens the senses, that deepens your capacity to experience pleasure. 

Using techniques from the yoga tradition as well as other awakening/wisdom traditions, we’ll unfold a ritual to ring in the new year featuring yoga/movement, breath, visualisation, meditation, and song.

Life may appear on its surface to be an endless game of transactions, of giving and getting – of fixed limitations, hard lines, and tasks to accomplish. But the vast majority of the world’s wisdom traditions agree – there is much, much more to all this than meets the eye. Much more magic, much more love, and much more potential.

And that MORE makes all the difference to our happiness. To our ability to experience joy.

May we slip between the veils, see what is here to be seen, love what is here to be loved, and receive the fullest blessings of our life.

New Year’s Day 2020

11.30 – 13.30

at Golden Lane Community Centre, EC1Y 0RN



Leila is a healer, yoga and meditation teacher and mentor with nearly two decade’s experience in guiding people to physical, mental, and emotional freedom. She is an expert and fun-loving guide to the body in movement and yoga asana. She is gifted at creating evocative and uplifting rituals to mark the phases of life with love and power. She is the creator of The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion and she runs annual, magical yoga teacher training, retreats, and workshops in London and around the world.

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