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Friday 5th – Tuesday 9th October in Calabria, Italy

The Blessed Lord said: “Possessed by great curiosity, you ask me this. Listen, O   beloved. I will tell you all about the fire within the Eye, which is unsurpassed nectar: yoked to yoga, listen, beloved. || – The Tantra of the Eye, 21-22ab  (trans. Hareesh Wallis)

Hareesh and I are more than delighted to share this luscious Italy sojourn with you. This retreat combines a few of my great life passions – beach lounging, meditating, being in spiritual community with truly inspiring people, yoga, sunbathing, chanting mantra, ritual, and scriptural study/contemplation/discussion from the Non-dual Tantric tradition. Moreover, the text we will be enjoying will be new to most of us and concerns the Fire and Nectar dimensions of our practices – the burning away of our false self-concept and limited identification – and the nectarean wonder of what remains in the wake of that intensity of burning. We hope that you find a deep refreshment of your physical energy, as well as your spiritual aims and intentions, and a juicy re-igniting of your desire for your own freedom. I wish you love, and gratitude for joining us. xx Leila

Single: £795 
Double: £660 
Triple: £595 
All rooms are en suite.


Having been a retreat participant many times myself, I have done everything to make the cost as all-inclusive as possible. We have tried to avoid any hidden extras that make it more costly than you have planned. So, here’s what’s included in the price:

  • Accommodation Friday the 5th through Tuesday the 9th at Shala Mandala, a beachside yoga and meditation centre at the foot of the Sila National Park, a few miles away from the Marina Island of Capo Rizzuto Marine reserve.
  • Three Italian meals per full day (with dinner Friday and breakfast Tuesday), with tap water, coffee, and tea.
  • Guided daily practices with Hareesh and Leila including meditation, yoga, breath-work, ritual, and satsang. 
  • Airport transfer to and from Lamezia Terme International Airport

Please note what is not included:

  • Flights
  • Drinks other than those listed above
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds for the beach (there is a small charge for rental)

You are also responsible for obtaining any relevant visas to enter Italy and covering the cost of them.

We begin our program Friday in the evening, and check in will be 4 pm and after. For people who arrive in the morning, we are trying to arrange a day trip with lunch to a local sight of beauty/interest. This would also be an extra charge but is completely optional.

Please note that we have a limited number of triples, doubles, and singles – so it’s first come first serve for the availability.



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+44(0)7729 408 945

  • C O M P L E T I O N
and finally 
that little piece falls into place
yesterday: a long held question slid into resolution
a fuss-less ease
like it was always obvious 
like a tree offers her fruit to the forest floor
all casual 
this morning: a long-time jagged niggle - how to forgive? how to *not* hold the door closed
and I just saw
how I never have to withhold my love 
that my attachment is never so great that I have to withhold my love to let go
and then it all just released
all that forcefulness and rage
which is not to say I won’t always be rageful
But more to say: I can be that and all the other things too
Been on a big completion cycle. Since the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.
It’s a sweet moment, the first harvest. I’m so proud of my harvest this year. I’m grateful for the gift of it. And I see the veins of my own love in it. The breath of my freedom. So I’m proud too. ⚜️
Blessed Lammas, Lovers and Sweet Ones.
#lammas #lughnasadh #blessings #priestess #witch #gratitude  #completion #cycles #goddess #august #praise 📷 @lizettdiazphotography
  • B E C O M I N G  A  V E S S E L
I could not be more excited to be offering my first ever non-hierarchical sisterhood ritual retreat, October 2-6, in Menorca. Feast your eyes on the venue and the island; two gloriously enchanting private home villas (one the seat of an aristocratic family with its own chapel); the island an UNESCO biosphere preserve, laden with hundreds of great-stone prehistoric ritual sites; lush with wetlands and the magical cove-style quiet beaches. Fed by a local chef with a penchant for healing and local foods; we gather to make ritual, build shrines on the land, hold circles and otherwise craft healing and soulful experiences for one another. Places are filling fast and already the most astonishing people have gathered to build our circle together.
It’s by invitation only, please dm me to receive the invitation if you feel called.
Sisters with less experience of ritual - we’ll call you Maidens -  will be fully supported and guided in these magic and healing arts by me, your host, and also the pride of experienced and expert sisters- let’s call them Mothers - many of whom have already answered the call to come: 
To delight and dance
To move to listen 
To celebrate our wholeness and joy in life together.
Blessings Sisters. 
May you come in love and not in thrall,
into the magic we will fall, 
All for One and One for All. ✨
#priestess #sisterhood #retreat #magic #menorcaretreat #becomingavessel #ritual #ritualretreat #witchy #healing #wholeness #womensretreat 📷 @juliamidland
  • E X E M P L A R
prayers on the night of the feast of Magdalena 
exemplar of unbounded love 
bearer of the breadth of love’s gifts
the holiest of mercies 
the embodied principle of awakening to live as love demands
even as life’s swords slice through our imagination of what love is
and leave us wanting
the awakening of a love wide enough and true enough
to heal
to tend
to encompass 
to reach the far shore of love’s expanse
in this body, by virtue of this great heart
blessed be on Her feast day
praise the exemplar 
and praise love in all Her forms 🔥
#magdalena #marymagdalene #priestess #love
  • t h e  h e i g h t  o f  t h e  l i g h t
I’m delighted to be here on residency @scorpiosmyk , as a part of the Mind Body program curated by the intelligent and sensitive @felicitasvallot .
Tonight at 8.30 pm we celebrate the Solstice in a ritual of love and gratitude. On the beach at Scorpios Mykonos.
The long day, today, is dense with solar power; for me the sun makes a kind of an armour, a light-shell. This psychic armour, a gift of the natural year, is so important for me- living so far in the north, I need this long-day-power to see me through its opposite- when the night submerges the day, 6 months from now in December.
On this high day, I pray that you not only get what you need, but also that you may bask in the light of your life: your accomplishments, your magic, your beauty, your vitality, and your presence. If you are unwell may this light heal you; if you are unhappy, may it turn the tide of your heart. May you taste the fruit of your own fullness. To all, blessed Solstice and high tidings in the light of 2019.
#solstice #blessings #scorpiosmykonos #praise #light #ritual #ceremony #summersolstice 📷 by @n.efelia 🙏🏽💜🙏🏽
  • blessed full moon beauties - this one’s a sweet honey ritual to enjoy the fullness of your heart magic 🌕
rose full moon ritual tonight 🌕
@scorpiosmyk 🌕
Scorpios Mykonos on the beach 9 pm
  • In Praise of Kali
me and @susannaharwoodrubin at my place on monday 🔴
honouring Her; sharing the stories, the mudras, the mantras;
she’s more more more than anything you’ve heard about her
come, see what all the fuss is about
she’s truly unbelievable 🔴
link in bio
#kalima #kali #goddess #power #intimacy #yoga #mantra #mudra
  • ⚪️⚡️⚪️Gasp is a book of spiritually oriented erotica compiled by someone I know and love, with contributions from folks I know and love. It’s super sexy, thoughtful, and beautifully designed. I’m excited and delighted for its launch. I’m reading a little piece from this beautiful book in this film. - @gasp - check it out. ⚪️⚡️⚪️
#gaspthebook #gasp #gasplife #sexrevolution #sexualhealing  #erotica #poetry #art #love #sexuality  #sex #intimacy
  • Y U M
it’s a total unwind for your upper back, a total de-kink for your neck, a total free-up for your ribcage and breath. It’s a shoulders back down, eyes soft, deep breath, sweet relief kind of thing. I got on the ball last night and did some of the routines we’ll be doing and what a pleasure, still and always, to take care of myself like this. This work has been part of my life for nearly 20 years. Still and always grateful.
Rolling around on small balls to release all the stick and stuck and crabby places.  Yessssss. Link in profile, this Saturday. 10-13. ⚪️
#selfmassage #selfcare #unwind #fitness #therapeutic #londonfitness #london #relief #stiffneck #release #musclerelease #lengthandstrength #fitnesslife #massage
  • T H E  T I M E  I S  N O W
We cannot *truly compassionately operate* in mixed race/gender/ethnicity/ability/etc spaces (i.e. the world) without a clear understanding of the underlying, pervasive entanglements of white supremacist patriarchy - without a clear understanding of our own complicity and power to turn that around, and without sensitive, appropriate language and the understanding to bring systemic oppression into conversation and dialogue with all people. Learning how to hand back privilege is the work of a lifetime. It will take a lifetime of work to make a difference for future generations. Let us begin now.
A call to action. From my newsletter, just sent out. I’m beginning to speak on my WOC experience which is - a lot. Just beginning this reframe of spiritual awakening. Link in profile to receive it. 🔘
#womanofcolor #whitesupremacy #doingbetter #thetimeisnow #spiritualawakening #therealdeal
  • M O S T  F A V O U R I T E  H U M A N  E V E R
Proud to say this lady here’s the love of my life. 💛
Lucky for me, she’s funny and smart and kindness embodied and one heck of a dancer.
Happy Mother’s Day, to my Moom, Momma, Puffalump, Mommers, sweet Cheryl Lynn Seaman Sadeghee. I love you so.
  • F O R  T H E  R O S E S
Blessings of Beltane magic to each of you. May the utter radiance of your heart rose-bloom into the infinite fullness that is your birthright. May the love that you are speak louder than the shadows of your doubts, may the flame of your life burn bright and fine on this fire-night, and may the dew of the new day’s dawn be sweet on your lips this high-Spring. 🌹
#beltane #beltaneblessings #magic #love #roses #fire #spring
  • HER
we gather at my home on may 13th, under the waxing Virgo moon, to be with Her.
this is an evening of channeling a multitude of her frequencies for an up-levelling of our potency.
gather and sit in her frequencies, bask in Her love, welcome Her light
the divine feminine healing frequencies are a gift for all of us; those of us in sister bodies, it seems to me, long for the awakening of this healing medicine from within and without
this has been my most devoted practice, loving Her, becoming intimate with Her, over this past decade
spell casting, prayer song, sharing, divination, and attunement - we will follow where She takes us when we come together, letting Her magic take its course - and most of all, this is a healing circle of love and light.
link in my profile. limited to a group of 12; 7-9 pm
#divinefeminine #sistercircle #mother #divinemother #herlove #herlight #mooncircle #sistercircle
A Gift of Insight and Inspiration